AudioMX Gaming Headset Over-Ear Headphones 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound USB Wired with Mic for PC PS4 Game Skype VOIP Music

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Maximum Comfort with Intelligent Design

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Maximum Comfort with Intelligent Design

These gaming headphones provide maximum comfort with over-ear design, lightweight elastic headband, and two adjustable headpieces.

Over-ear headphones entirely enclose your ears and block any unwanted voices with the passive noise reduction technology. The elastic headband delivers a snug fit for extended listening and long sessions; it holds the head cushions close to your head without making you feel constricted. The two adjustable headpieces automatically resize for custom fit, which makes the headphones durable.

These headphones are so comfortable that you can enjoy your gaming for hours without even noticing you are wearing them!

A Whole New World of Gaming Sound

50mm Driver Unit preserves crystal clear highs, lush mid-range notes, and thumping bass. It transmits sounds better and you can clearly and rapidly distinguish footsteps, gunshot, or conversations from different directions through remarkable sound effects. Immediately know positions of your teammates or enemies. Enhance your reaction capability!

Introduce yourself to a whole new world of gaming sound!

Powerful Control Software That Allows Fully Customized Settings

The control software that comes with these headphones is very impressive and helpful. It allows you to control all aspects of the sound coming and going through the headset.

It has so many features that you can customize settings for left and right channels, sampling frequency, equalizer, emulator, pitch, and vocal cut. Multiple modes, including scenario mode, default mode and custom mode, can be set. You can also change your voice into men/women’s through Xear SingFX when chatting through microphone and increase echoes.

Just customize sounds according to your own preferences and create your own gaming sounds!

Gorgeous Appearance
50mm Driver Unit: preserves crystal clear highs, lush mid-range notes, and thumping bass; easily distinguish directions of footsteps, gunshot or conversations through remarkable sound effects; introduce yourself to a whole new world of gaming sound!
Maximum Comfort: soft durable over-ear cushions, lightweight elastic headband and two adjustable headpieces, designed to provide maximum comfort; enjoy superb pure gaming sound with passive noise reduction technology; listen for hours and forget you are even wearing them!
Retractable and Adjustable Microphone: conveniently adjust the distance between the mic and your mouth to improve conversation quality; volume and microphone controls on USB cord are super handy and very responsive; center control system controls LED lights of the microphone and headphones
Braided USB Cord: perfect for your gaming rig as it is long enough to fit in the USB port; can be used with multiple devices (PC, Notebook, PS4) with built-in USB interface without installing the driver software
Control Software: allows control of all aspects of the sound coming and going through the headset; customized settings for equalizer, scenario mode and Xear Surround Max etc.; virtual 7.1 sound track simulates effects of home theater; compatible with Win XP, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10 ONLY

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